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Our Impact
Funding from our donors enables us to support many thousands of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our communities. In 2020 alone, the grants we made reached over 196,000 people in Cheshire and Warrington

In order to achieve lasting solutions for the most pressing challenges and problems of our local communities, we aim constantly to develop our knowledge and understanding of the funding priorities in Cheshire And Warrington. With the use of tools like Local Insight and collaboration with public sector partners and key expert stakeholders we are constantly updating our understanding of the need and sharing this insight with our donors.

Our grants programmes are both geographic and thematic, targeting often hidden pockets of deprivation and need.

2020 was an exceptional year for CCF. We processed 659 full applications requesting £3,271,581 and awarded 440 grants (total value £2,807,029) supporting a total of 294,692 beneficiaries (196,272 directly benefitting). To put this in perspective, in 2019 we processed 236 applications requesting £1,230,342 and awarded 155 grants (total value of £1,197,486), supporting 80,000 beneficiaries in total (40,456 directly benefitting). The map below details where our funding was distributed in 2020.

Our Impact
Over £8 Million
…has been distributed in grants since we opened our doors in 2012
Over 1451 Grants
…awarded to support the most vulnerable members of our communities
Over 196,000 People
…in Cheshire & Warrington were helped by our donors in 2020 alone
What we do…
Mental Health & Wellbeing
£419,000 awarded to projects supporting the mental health & wellbeing of all age groups in 2020
Food Poverty
An appeal managed by CCF raised £125,000 to support food poverty charities in Cheshire & Warrington
Covid-19 Response
£951,803 awarded in 2020 to support those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local Insight Profile Reports

Below are Local Insight Profile reports covering the three unitary authorities in Cheshire plus a report spanning the whole of Cheshire. Each profile gives an insight into the area based on population, vulnerable groups, housing, crime and safety, health and wellbeing, education and skills, economy, access and transport, communities and environment. The indicators are information published by government as open data – appropriately visualised, analysed and interpreted.

The profiles are intended to help build our knowledge and understanding of the need in our local communities. This data can be used for reports and as evidence of need for funding applications, for example. If you wish to reproduce any part of the report, then please adhere to the copyright information contained in each profile.

Local Insight Warrington Area Profile
Local Insight Cheshire West and Chester Area Profile
Local Insight Cheshire East Area Profile
Local Insight Cheshire Area Profile